Uganda Legal

BY MERCY MUNDURU With the current political unrest in Uganda, have you, like us been wondering first what is legal or illegal even when there's a constitution in place? In the event that you are legally or even illegally arrested or persecuted, what's the plan? You have a fairly great job, you have at least... Continue Reading →

50 Shades Darker

And let's be honest, are there instances where you felt that irrespective of your talents and abilities, you were given an opportunity or not because of how light-skinned or dark-skinned you are? What impact has that had on your esteem but also, how are you interrogating the narrative and going round it?

Do We Know Who We Are?

Through the interchange of cultures and sharing of cultural influences in the age of globalisation, is there anything, however complex which can identifiably and unambiguously be termed as 'Africa.' ?

On Representation And Why It Matters

Inaccurate portrayals are being called out, success is being given to those that are unafraid and, consequently more and more young women are being inspired by what they see in media to tell their own stories and aspire to contribute to the conversation

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